HTML emails and eNewsletters

Become a known entity.

HTML emails, eNewsletters

Design and build

Amba Design will design and build HTML emails and eNewsletters in your chosen style or to match any existing branding, carefully creating email templates designed to sit within your company or organisation’s identity.

HTML emails, eNewsletters


Amba Design offers single email campaigns or, by integrating with an online email marketing system (for example Mailchimp or Constant Contact), we can create a template with editable fields for multiple usage.

These email templates can then be used again and again in different campaigns with different content added by you, and with full reporting details and easy mailing list management.

HTML emails, eNewsletters

Be seen. Be heard

If you wish to send emails to multiple addresses promoting a product, service, event or to raise general awareness then this is a great way to do so in a visually rich format.

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